Loopgy is a culmination of over 35 years of business, marketing and advertising experience.

Hi, my name is Steven Pfister, I grew up in a small business family and watched my parents grow and sell many businesses.  After my studies  I spent 14 years working in advertising for Australia’s largest regional newspaper, I started my own print magazine for 12 years to help local business get their message out there, we did things differently and packaged a print and digital platform to together, including our own app, giving our advertisers the best value advertising package avaliable. Surviving the GFC was hard, beating the internet impossible. So in 2016 we closed our beloved magazine and concentrated totally on digital.

We have established ourselves as a trusted provider for marketing services, and to this day continue to provide solid advice and results for the select customers we work with.

Studying Social Media Advertising in America for 12 months and now the continuous ongoing commitment of keeping up with what changes happen in the digital world so you don’t have to.

We pride ourselves on making our client’s life both easier and more profitable by utilising the changes as they occur.

We know about running a business we do it ourselves, so we are aware of the daily grind you all go through. So, get in contact with us today and let us show you how we can make your working life a better more productive and profitable place.

Work Skills.


01. Advertising.

Your business won’t be around if you don’t make sales. We work out where your customers are and build a campaign built on facts to get the best results possible for you. Omnichannel marketing is the only way to gain maximum exposure for your campaign.

02. Website design/development.

Your website is your shopfront for your business. It reflects how you treat your business and potentially how you will treat your new client’s business. A poorly maintained site reflects on your attitude to your business. Let’s look at lifting your brand.

03. Systems.

You need to have a system in place. Don’t waste money on advertising if you have nowhere to send the leads. It needs to be automated and mobile friendly. Your business needs a solid foundation so everything else flows and works effortlessly.

04. Google My Business.

Google is the hot spot, people go there LOOKING for you. So make sure you can be found, make sure you own the front page of your company name, and make sure you are on Google Maps and everything is correct.

The Next Step.

Google AdWords.

Advertising on Google is the quickest way to get you on the front page. Once set up we can re target to all the potential customers these are hot leads, because they are searching for YOU.

Email Marketing.

Yes, email still works and it is one of the best and most cost-effective ways to nurture and look after your database. YOU own your list, build it and look after it.

Sales Funnels.

This has become the trendy way marketers use to upsell you a product. Every business needs to have one but keep it simple.

Social Media Advertising.

This is where your customers hang out. But we don’t just boost or throw money at ads, like anything we research and target the right people for your business.

Interactive Personal Marketing.

Our system is a very powerful way of pre-qualifying and having your customers keep their appointment. Every time someone cancels it cost you money. Let’s stop that right now!

Social Management.

This is a necessity, as anyone looking to do business with you is going to check your Social Media to see what you are about. Keep it professional and updated.



We still get excited everytime we hit the go button on our client’s campaigns. Their testimonials are a testament to the work we put in.


What’s old is new again!

When you have been around the block  few times like we have. Two thought patterns arrive from our potential new customers.
Are these guys up to date with what’s available?
Do they have any fresh new ideas or do they do things the old fashioned way?

What’s old is new again!

We have totally changed our business model. We are no longer hiring staff, as the robots have arrived. They guard one of my clients shops.


If you want to learn how we create successful Advertising Campaigns using ads manager, you need to attend this Workshop.

This is a hands-on, no fluff day of showing you how we do it.

We are not upselling you to another course, we are paying it forward and helping business owners get RESULTS for their marketing.

We will share the number one strategy we use that most marketers do not use or even know about. This one thing will change your way of advertising.


We have nothing coming up at the moment. Stay tuned!

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