Who we are
Working To Grow Your Business Online

In 2005 Irene and Steven Pfister started their first business together, and they’ve been getting amazing results for their clients ever since. The forward-thinking, transformative business you see today is the culmination of over 35 years of business, marketing, and advertising experience.

Both Steven and Irene have a wealth of experience with running their own businesses and working to grow the success of others.




Steven spent 14 years working in advertising for Australia’s largest regional newspaper, before starting his own print magazine along with Irene.

For 12 years they worked tirelessly to help local business get their message out there, before deciding to make the move to focus entirely on digital advertising in 2016, when Loopgy was founded.

As a digital media agency, they are experts in online marketing, specifically social media marketing, with a focus on Instagram and Messenger.

They pride themselves on making their clients’ lives easier and more profitable by utilizing the changes in technology as they occur.

They make a continuous ongoing commitment to keeping up with developments in the digital world so you don’t have to.