AI is Not as Scary as You Think!

Ok so let me put this out there, I have been building bots since 2016. And when I first started most people had no idea what I was talking about. Even today there are people asking what a bot is.

So, imagine as an early adapter how hard it was for me to convince people that a bot was not going to be hard for their clients to understand. Yes, this was a problem. People actually said out customers won’t know how to use it!

So, lets go over a few basics of a bot for you. It is not a robot, it is not a monster that takes control of your computer, and it definitely won’t make you coffee in the morning.

What it will do however is make your life a whole lot easier. I will let you in on something I have Learnt since building these bots. A lot of people are searching the internet afterhours. It makes sense right! Dinners done kids are in bed and now it is time to look for things, make appointments if they can and search for stuff.

So, let me ask you is your web site set up for that? I have clients who go to work in the morning to sales and appointments they received over night thanks to their bot.

But for me the best thing about a bot Is its marketing ability.  When someone hits your website you have 1 chance of getting their details in your sign-up form, and how is that working out for you? If your site is set up properly you have a pixel and then you can generically re target them, but this is really hit and miss at best. But with a bot if they click on it and interact and then leave the site doesn’t matter as we know who they are and can carry on a conversation with them instantly.

Yes I have my bot set up that it send a message 4 minutes after they have interacted with it. And I ask if they found what they were looking for on my site? And then ask them how I can help? This start an interactive conversation and I am not even there it is all done automatically.

Best part is my Bot is now conversing with a potential new customer that had been and left my site and who were probably heading for my opposition.

A bot will change how you work in your business. If you would like to know more about Bots and some of the amazing things they can do hit me up at

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