How to get your emails opened

My 8 Agency secrets to getting your emails opened

Emails still give the best ROI on any digital marketing strategy.

So how many times have you heard emails are dead? I even received and email from some guru telling me emails are dead. REALLY!!!

The problem for some people is not that people don’t read emails, it is just they are selective on what they open.

Let me share some subject headlines I have used over the years to get my emails opened.

1) Use the RE: to get people’s attention. BY Adding RE: in front of your subject heading people think that you are replying back to them and they are in the loop of a conversation.

2) Personalise it. Add their name in the subject headline. People love to hear or see their name, and when done like this it gives them a warm fuzzy feeling as it has personalised it to them exclusively.

3) Did you see this yesterday? Curiosity is going to get them to open and have a look. No one wants to miss out on anything. FOMO hits most people. But make sure you back it up with something appropriate in your body copy.

4) NEW sales technique finally revealed. This will get people to open as it has the word NEW in it. We can elaborate and follow up on that with the following…

5) NEW technique only available this week. So now we are adding a deadline if they want to know the technique they have to act almost immediately or miss out. But be warned to stick to the timeline, don’t extend it. I had a guy email me for over 2 weeks and in the end, he just sounded desperate.

6) If you want amazing results open this now. OK, so let me ask you who in business does not want results? Everyone, right? So mentioning results will get people’s attention. You can adjust this with 350% ROI on every dollar spent or something like that. Work out what is the biggest pain point for your clients and offer a solution.

7) John, here is your personal discount offer. Who does not like to save money? And making it seem like you are only sending it to them makes them feel special. This will work with someone who has shown interest but not bought yet. It might just be what you need to tip them over the fence. It also helps you work out that price may not be the issue. So next you should try a pain point and see if that gets them excited.

8) Thank you we appreciate your support. This is one we use on our loyal clients. But don’t just offer them a 25% discount, give them a dinner voucher or something they can physically use outside of business. they will remember it more and appreciate the gesture.

When writing a headline, I normally kick around 6 or so different ideas. I know some people might suggest writing 20 or more, but seriously who has time for that?

What I would suggest though is split test your 2 favourites on a small audience first. Wait a while and see which one works best and then send it out to your list.

Now with all the subject headlines above you actually need to write what the subject is. No use trying to trick them with a fancy headline and when they open the content has nothing to do with that subject.

This will just annoy them and they will unsubscribe.

It’s Not About You!

Have you been to a networking event where the guest speaker gets up and tells you their life story on why you should listen to them for the first 20 minutes, and then spends 10 minutes actually talking on the subject?

Don’t be that ego waffler person. You can tell how good someone is by what they say not how good they say they are.

Get to the point, put the offer at the top, get them excited from the beginning. They will either read on because it is of interest or leave if it does not suit their needs at the moment. Either way, you are winning them over by not wasting their time.

One last tip. Put a PS: at the bottom, as this is a highly read part of any email. Some people scan straight to the bottom to see a price, so add something quirky giving them an overview of what they missed.

Hope this helps, if you have any questions feel free to write to me at

PS: Nothing will change in your life if you don’t implement what you learn. Don’t just be a reader be an implementer and get better results.

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