Is email Marketing Dead?

Seems almost daily I get an email telling me email is dead. Now that in itself makes me laugh. But seriously email has been around for a while and I do not see it going anywhere soon. It is funny how people will write and tell you that business owners they know are getting bad open rates and that in itself is their indication that emails are a dying communication method. (did they ever stop and ask what kind of emails they had been sending?)

Then you receive yet another email from a business coach telling you the money is in the list and build your data base and set up email automation. They warn you not to put all your eggs in one basket and diversify so as to reach people with how they best like to communicate.

See, one thing I have noticed in all my years in business the business telling is selling and of course trying to prove to you what they are saying is the truth and jump ship and use their shiny object to build a better business. They nearly always have an agenda, and everyone has an opinion and feel they are right, especially when money is involved.

There always seems to be a new way of communicating in the digital world.

I sat and thought about this the other day on how many different types of businesses send me an email on a plethora of topics all stating they are right and jump on board with them. But the one thing they all have in common is they send their message via email.

Now don’t get me wrong I am not shutting out or not trying other things, as a digital marketer that is part of my job. In Fact, I started building ChatBots in 2016 and was the First Agency Partner in Australia for ManyChat.

And yes, emails may not get the open rate as a bot at the moment, but I can tell you from experience that more people tend to unsubscribe from a bot than they do emails. Because they consider messenger to be their private chat and don’t like being disturbed in their inner sanctum.

So emails get overlooked or deleted but people remember you, and when the time comes that they need your services chances are they will be waiting on that email or going back through their inbox looking for your info.

So don’t give up on emails just yet, have an open mind and use what best suits your customers. Because at the end of the day your email list is Yours and no one can take it from you. It can make a difference when you sell your business.

Keep collecting those emails and make sure what you send out is relevant, informative and offers a solution to their problems.

If you need any help setting up email automation and making all your system work and talk together properly then hit me up and let’s discuss your needs.

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